Ethical principles

Statement of principles

The Public Affairs Association of Canada (PAAC) is a gathering place for the interchange of ideas and ideologies, professional development and practical networking. As the established national organization of Public Affairs Professionals, the PAAC helps define appropriate conduct.

Public Affairs professionals work with corporate, charitable and political clients to engage various audiences. The Public Affairs profession is recognized increasingly for its high standard of practise and expertise, as well as the impact practitioners have on the development and debate of issues. It is acknowledged for the value and diversity of its contributions to Canadian society.

Public Affairs Practitioners will:

  1. Avoid acting in such a way as to bring harm or disrepute to the profession, colleague, employer or client.
  2. Respect regulatory statutes and meet in full their obligations for disclosure in particular the Charter of Rights, the Federal and Provincial Lobbyist Registration Acts, Privacy Legislation and municipal codes as they apply to the jurisdiction of practice.
  3. Provide advice, guidance and an informed opinion as to the nature of the business, policy or legislative issue in a manner that is forthright and credibly reasoned.
  4. Avoid personal and professional conflicts of interest and inform clients and employers as soon as the potential for conflict arises.
  5. Ensure that any new engagement is subject to full disclosure with respect to regulatory requirements, the firm and the client.
  6. Be transparent in the management of financial accounts, contractual matters, obligations and client/organizational interest.
  7. Respect interpersonal confidences and confidential information.