For the last 35 years, the Public Affairs Association of Canada (PAAC) has brought together a cross-section of public affairs disciplines, including policy development, government relations, lobbying, communications, opinion research and public relations.

Our Association is a gathering place for the interchange of ideas and ideologies, professional development and practical networking. The Public Affairs profession is recognized increasingly for its high standard of practice and expertise, as well as the impact practitioners have on the development and debate of issues. It is acknowledged for the value and diversity of its contributions to Canadian society.

PAAC has been fortunate to have 13 people step forward and generously donate their expertise and time to serve as President of our organization. As well, countless Board members have served and provided immeasurable value to our organization.

Along the way, PAAC has also recognized 17 people who have made outstanding contributions over their career to our industry with our annual Award of Distinction!

As the 14th President of PAAC, I salute my predecessors, thank our current Board for all they do, and applaud our members for continuing to raise the profile of our industry, uphold high ethical standards, and for being a critical cog in the democratic process.

With the launch of our new website, the PAAC is positioned to take on the next 35 years with open arms and a modern look!

Yours Truly,

Ryan J. Eickmeier

Ryan Eickmeier
August 6, 2020

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