Originally Posted on 12/12/2013

Lobbyist Registrar of Ontario Interpretation Bulletins

Dear Lobbyists,

Effective March 1, 2011, the Lobbyist Registrar of Ontario has issued three new Interpretation Bulletins:

  • Interpretation Bulletin #1 – Addresses the meaning of Public Office Holder.
  • Interpretation Bulletin #2 – Clarifies the six month filing requirement for Organizations
  • Interpretation Bulletin #3 – Clarifies the meaning of in-house lobbyist

These Interpretation Bulletins can be viewed on our website.

I encourage you to review the Bulletins and the information on the site about how to access the Lobbyist Registrar to provide information, Advisory Opinions, or potentially, Interpretation Bulletins.

When on our site, you will also notice that we have made some other changes. The main objective of the changes is to make it easier to navigate and to provide more information to first time lobbyists.

I welcome any feedback you may have about the website or the Bulletins.

Lynn Morrison
Lobbyist Registrar

Cette information est disponible en français. Veuillez contacter notre bureau.

PAAC Ontario Letter to Commissioner Wake - Interpretation Bulletin.pdf
Lois Marsh
Managing Director
Public Affairs Association of Canada
December 12, 2013

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