In Alberta politics, there is seemingly never a monotonous or uninteresting day. Over halfway to the next election, the sitting government has endured a tumultuous two and half years.

As the legislature returned for fall session, the good news for the government is that crude prices are only rising, and amidst the political chaos, there might be a path to redemption. We’ll dive into these significant questions: What should the priorities of each party be going into the year ahead? How does Rachel Notley and the NDP’s popularity contribute to political dynamics? How does the UCP regain momentum and solve their current internal strife and uphill policy battles? Will the government be able to buy themselves out of the current political crisis they find themselves in? And how will the new federal Liberal government impact politics in Alberta?

Join our panel of political pundits as we look at the politics of Alberta and discuss what challenges Premier Kenney, and the United Conservatives will need to overcome to win a Spring 2023 election, and how the opposition parties plan to continue their fight for power.

Date: November 25, 2021

Location: Zoom

Time: 12:00-1:00 PM MDT


Evan Menzies, Senior Campaign Strategist, Crestview Strategy

Gabriela Gonzalez, Director, Communications and Public Engagement, Argyle Public Relations

Cheryl Oates, Principal, gt&co



Catherine Griwkowsky, Alberta Legislature Reporter for Alberta Today


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