The renegotiation process for NAFTA is now underway and much is at stake for Canada as the discussions continue to unfold. The renegotiation is placing a focus on several key policy issues, including: Labour, Supply Management, Procurement Rights, Rules of Origin, Environmental Standards, and much more.

While the Government of Canada continues to promote the value of the trade agreement to its neighbours south of the border, the outcome of the renegotiations and the impact they could have on Canadians are uncertain.

Join our panelists as they discuss the current state-of-play with Canada’s largest trading partner, the major public policy implications and what this renegotiation may mean for trilateral relations between Canada, the United States and Mexico and the agreement itself.


Dr. Bill Anderson, Director, Cross-Border Institute Ontario Research Chair, Cross-Border Transportation Policy

Daniel Ujozo, Of Counsel and Cross-Border Business Development Director Dickinson Wright

Andrea Van Vugt, Vice President, Policy, North America Business Council of Canada


Joy Nott, President Canadian Importers and Exports Association (I.E. Canada)

8:00am to 8:30am: Registration and Breakfast

8:30am to 10:00am: Panel Discussion

10:00am: Adjournment and Networking

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