In November 2014, Campbell Strategies launched a pro bono campaign for Canada’s remaining thalidomide survivors. Although for many a forgotten issue, the campaign publicly raised the plight of Canada’s Thalidomide survivors, achieved a unanimous vote in the House of Commons (in just eight days), and resulted in a $180 million funding package for Canada’s remaining 94 survivors.

How did it all happen?

This panel presents the “inside story” of the campaign – from stem to stern – including the strategy, tools and tactics to build the public case for government action. From direct government outreach to opposition engagement, from creating a broad-based media campaign to focusing coverage on one major news champion, the panel will share their experience and lessons that are applicable for all GR practitioners.

Join Barry Campbell, Chris Holz, Natalie Dash and Ted Griffith of Campbell Strategies as they share the “inside story” of this positive outcome for a survivor group, delivered through government relations expertise and stakeholder collaboration.

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