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By becoming a member of PAAC, you will gain the skills and connections you need to excel in your field. We offer meaningful membership benefits that can benefit you at all stages of your career, no matter your sector, job level or location. Membership benefits include access to the online PAAC membership directory, sizable event discounts and the cachet of belonging to Canada’s premier public affairs association.

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Invest in your career
A membership with PAAC is a small investment that can yield large benefits for your professional future. The following are annual membership fees.

Corporate Member: This membership category provides up to five full memberships and a discount on subsequent memberships. A great option for companies with multiple members..$1,000 + Tax
All-inclusive Membership Pricing: Pricing is for individuals who want to make a single transaction at the beginning of the year, granting an annual membership as well as access to all PAAC events (Excluding the Annual Conference). This results in significantly lower overall cost for PAAC members who attend more than 3 paid events per year.$500 + Tax
Individual Member: Individuals whose primary career is in the field of public affairs, or a related discipline.$275 + Tax
Out-of-Town Member: This discounted rate applies to members living beyond a 100 km radius of a local PAAC Chapter$150 + Tax
Student: Individuals pursuing full-time studies at a recognized educational institute that will lead them to a career in public affairs. Proof of academic admission is requested.$50 + Tax