Who is PAAC

The Public Affairs Association of Canada (PAAC) is a national, not-for-profit organization founded in 1984. Our principal objective is to help public affairs professionals succeed...

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Why Join PAAC

The Public Affairs Association of Canada is the leading forum for representing lobbyists’ concerns to all levels of government in Canada. We actively engage...

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The public affairs field is notoriously fast changing and competitive. PAAC offers a range of professional development programs and networking opportunities to help members stay on top of industry issues and trends.

Our members come from both the private and public sectors and range from self-employed consultants to government professionals and corporate CEOs. This diversity is the cornerstone of PAAC, ensuring a wide scope of ideas, expertise and opportunities that benefit members and their businesses. We urge you to explore this website and find out more about what PAAC can do for you.

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