2006-2013 Events

Jul. 9 Nick Kouvalis, Robert Hutton, John Wright, Sr., Robert Benzie The Inside Story about polling and the media – by four of the leading “insiders”
Jun. 13 2013 PAAC Summer Social Special Event
Jun. 4 See the conference page The Art and Science of Public Affairs: Tactics for Today and Tomorrow
Mar. 25 Darrell Bricker The Big Shift
Feb. 14 Tom Allison, Bruce Davis, Suzanne Van Bommel, Jonathan Espie, John Duffy, Chad Walsh, Lise Jolicoeur, Omar Khan New Ontario Liberal Leadership — and a changed political environment?
Dec. 12 Mary Jo Haddad, Jennifer Sloan, Kim Warburton 4th Annual Women in Public Affairs Mentoring Salon
Nov. 27 Jim Dickmeyer The US Government and Public Diplomacy
Nov. 16 Robert Benzie, Christina Blizzard, Greg Lyle, Adam Radwanski, John Snobelen A Silent Queen’s Park: The Impact on the Practice of Public Affairs
Jun. 28 The 2012 PAAC Summer Party Special Event
May 31 Robert Benzie, Darcy McNeill, Chris Pepper Media Relations & Communications Networks: Building Relationships to Support Communications Objectives
May 29 See the conference page The Art and Science of Public Affairs: The Message is the Medium
Feb. 22 Councillors Shelley Carroll, Josh Colle, Karen Stintz, Adam Vaughan, Minnan-Wong The Ford Administration: First Anniversary Review
Feb. 8 Roxanne Cramer Driving Your Career: Keys for 2012 Professional Success
Nov. 18 Third Annual Women in Public Affairs Mentoring Breakfast Special Event
Nov. 2 Geoffrey Stevens, Abacus Resource Group, Forum Research, IPSOS, Leger Marketing, and more Defending Political Polls
Oct. 14 Erika Mozes, Brian Patterson, Jeff Ferrier The Ontario Election 2011: Post Election Panel
Sep. 7 Greg Lyle, Innovative Research The Ontario Election 2011: What is Driving the Electorate?
Jun. 29 The Summer 2011 “PAAC-Yard” Party Photos  Special Event
May 4 See the conference page The Art and Science of Public Affairs
Apr. 29 Darrell Bricker, Global CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs
Presentation (pdf)
The Federal Election Call: Ipsos Reid Campaign Analysis and Prediction
Apr. 6 Lynn Morrison, Integrity Commissioner Lobbyists, Public Officer Holders and Conflicts of Interest: Staying Compliant with the Law
Mar. 29 Councillor Shelley Carroll, Former Budget Chief; Councillor Karen Stintz, TTC Chair; Councillor Adam Vaughan; Councillor Mike Del Grande, Current Budget Chief The Ford Administration: First Hundred Days
Feb. 8 Hon. Sean Conway, Former Ontario Cabinet Minister; Robin Sears, Principal, Navigator Limited; Adam Radwanski, Columnist, The Globe and Mail; Agnes Samler Government Relations under Siege: Confronting the myth of the backroom
Nov. 24 Janet Ecker, Public Policy Advisor, Tramore Group; Beverley Hammond, President, CEO and Partner, Veritas Communications; Farah Mohamed, President, The Belinda Stronach Foundation; Lynn Morrison, Integrity Commissioner of Ontario The 2nd Annual Women in Public Affairs Speed Mentoring Reception
Nov. 5 An Insiders Look at Toronto’s Mayoral Race
Details and Press Coverage
Special Event
Oct. 20 Federal Commissioner of Lobbying, Karen Sheperd, and City of Toronto Lobbyist Registrar, Linda Gehrke Special Event
May 31 Chris Bentley, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Attorney General Session Ender Reception
Apr. 15 Lynn Morrison, Acting Integrity Commissioner of Ontario A Conversation
Apr. 10 The Winning Ways Conference, Ontario Municipal Candidate Training
Apr. 7 The Hon. Kathleen Wynne, Ontario’s Minister of Transportation;
Laurie Monsebraaten, Social Policy Reporter, TheToronto Star;
Michael Shapcott, Senior Fellow, The Wellesley Institute
What do effective organizations do to influence the political process?
PAAC Professional Development Program
Apr. 15 Lynn Morrison, Acting Integrity Commissioner of Ontario A Conversation
November Conference Replay  Conference Photos (pdf) The Art and Science of Public Affairs Conference
Jul. 15 Greg Lyle, Managing Director, Innovative Research Mid-point of the 2nd McGuinty Government
Jul. 15 PAAC Summer Social
PAAC Professional Development Program
Nov. 26 Chris Benedetti, Partner, Sussex Strategy Group Business Development and Networking
Sept. 24 Chris Pepper, Director of Corporate Affairs, Fidelity Investments Canada
Chris Holz, Vice-President, Campbell Strategies
Steve Erwin, Senior Communications Consultant, LCBO
Media Relations and Presentations
June 25 Ted Griffith – VP Corporate Communications, NATIONAL Public Relations Business Writing: Briefings and Reports
Apr. 27 Greg Lyle, Managing Director, Innovative Research Analysis and Reporting
PAAC 2009 Roundtable Series
Jun. 9 Anne-Marie Males, Director, Public Affairs and Community Relations, The Scarborough Hospital
Robin Sears, Senior Partner, Navigator Limited
Crisis Management
May 20 Sandra Banks – Vice President, Coca Cola Bottling Company
Barbara Fox -President and CEO, OEB Enterprise
Shelly Jamieson- Secretary of the Cabinet, Government of Ontario
Dianne Salt – SVP Corporate and Public Affairs of TD Bank Financial Group
Women in Public Affairs – An Evening of Networking and Mentoring
Apr. 14 Adam Giambrone – Chair of the Toronto Transit Commission, and Toronto City Councillor, Ward 18 – Davenport
Pat Vanini – Executive Director, Association of Municipalities of Ontario
PAAC Post-Budget: Infrastructure
May 5 Panel feateuring Hon. Perrin Beatty, President & CEO, Canadian Chamber of Commerce Economic Crisis – Impacts & Policy Options
Feb. 24 Jordan Lieberman: Publisher of Campaigns and Elections’ Politics Magazine. Jordan Lieberman: Publisher of Campaigns and Elections’ Politics Magazine.
November Complete Press Release The Art and Science of Public Affairs Conference
Nov. 17 Honorary Event Co-Chairs: Senator Dennis Dawson and Senator Consiglio DiNino. Slightly off the Hill
PAAC Members Only Series: 2008 Canadian Federal Election
Oct. 20 Senator David Smith – National Campaign Co-Chair, Liberal Party of Canada, Brian Topp – Campaign Director, New Democratic Party of Canada, Jim McDonald – National Campaign Director, Green Party of Canada, TBC – Conservative Party of Canada PAAC 2008 Federal Election Post-Mortem
Oct. 9 Darrell Bricker – President and COO of Ipsos Public Affairs North America PAAC Presents Darrell Bricker
PAAC Series: Infrastructure and the Environment in Ontario
Sept. 18 Featuring: The Hon. John Gerretsen, Ontario’s Minister of the Environment
With: Kate Holloway – President and CEO of Carbonzero
Rick Smith – Executive Director of Environmental Defence
Tom Heintzman – President of Bullfrog Power Inc.
PAAC Environment Seminar
Jun. 23 Rob McIsaac – Chair of Metrolinx “Ticket to Ride: Hamilton to Durham and Everything In Between”
Jul. 8 PAAC Summer Social
Jun. 16 Cathy Allison, Project Manager, National DNCL, CRTC, David Stark, CIPP, TNS Canadian Facts Brendan Wycks, Executive Director, Market Research & Intelligence Association Walton Hill, Vice President, Public Affairs & Communication, Canadian Marketing Association “The National Do-Not-Call-List under the Microscope?”
Apr. 29 Ontario Minister of Education Kathleen Wynne Ontario Minister of Education Kathleen Wynne
Mar. 18 Darrell Bricker, Chief Executive Officer, Ipsos Global Public Affairs “Stalemate in Perpetual Motion: Will The Harper Government Stay or Go?”
Feb. 25 David Akin: CTV, Kady O’Malley: Maclean’s and Manon Cornellier: Political Columnist, Le Devoir News From The Front – Reporting On Parliament Hill
Annual Conference Agenda
Nov. 5 Don Guy: Liberal Campaign Director, Rob Milling: NDP Campaign Director and Brian Patterson: Director of Campaign Organization for the PC Party Election Post-Mortem with Party Strategists
Sept. 10 Greg Lyle, Managing Director, The Innovative Research Group “They’re at The Post!” Handicapping the 2007 Ontario Election
Sept. 5 Dr. John Stone, Vice Chair, two working groups of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Peter Love, Chief Energy Conservation Officer, Ontario Power Authority, Dr. Vicky Sharpe, President and CEO, Sustainable Development Technology Canada, Toby Heaps, Editor, “Corporate Knights Magazine”, The World’s First Mass Market Magazine for Responsible Business Climate Change: Differing Views on Reaching Kyoto
Jun. 27 Bruce Cox, Executive Director, Greenpeace Canada “Coalition Building: Capturing the Public Mind and the Political Agenda”
Jun. 25 PAAC Annual Summer Social
Jun. 20
Nik Nanos, President SES Research. Greg Weston, Sun Media’s National Political Columnist. “Afghanistan: War of Words” – How Canadians feel about the war in Afghanistan and what are the implications for the future federal election.
Jun. 5 Rosemary McCarney, President, Foster Parents Plan of Canada. Jo-Anne St. Godard, Executive Director, Recycling Council of Ontario. Influencing the Public Agenda
Apr. 10 Prof. John English, Author of “Citizen of the World: the life of Pierre Elliott Trudeau”, Ambassador Allan Gotlieb (former Canadian Ambassador to the US), Author of “The Washington Diaries”, Senator Hugh Segal, Author of “The Long Road Back – The conservative Journey, 1993-2006”. Celebrated Political Authors
Mar. 6 Christian Bourque, Leger Marketing, Don Guy, Pollara Inc., Derek Leebosh, Environics Research Group Limited. Election Fever – What are Canadians telling pollsters?
Feb. 22 Sheila Gervais (Bob Rae Campaign), Hon. Navdeep Singh Bains (Gerard Kennedy Campaign), Hon. Don Boudria (Stéphane Dion Campaign), Senator David Smith (Michael Ignatieff Campaign) Liberal Leadership Post Mortem – Ottawa
Jan. 23 Herb Metcalfe (Stéphane Dion Campaign), Sheila Gervais (Bob Rae Campaign), David MacNaughton (Gerard Kennedy Campaign) & Hon. Dwight Duncan (Michael Ignatieff Campaign). Liberal Leadership Post Mortem – Toronto
Sept. 19 Janet Ecker Motivational talk – all about her life and how you have to go for the gusto, embrace change and new things
Sept. 14 Greg Lyle, Innovative Research The State of Provincial Politics a Year Before the Scheduled 2007 Election
Aug. 23 Adam Radwanski, National Post Critiquing Blog
Jul. 20 Debbie Zimmerman, Chair of Municipal Property Assessment Corporation Challenges of Property Tax Assessments
Jun. 27 John Baird, President of Treasury Board Federal Accountability Act
Apr. 11 Bill Laidlaw, Executive-Director of the Ontario Community Newspapers Association How to use community newspapers to get a message out.
Feb. 23 Guy Giorno (Conservative Campaign), John Duffy (Grit Campaign) and Brian Topp (NDP Campaign) Off-The-Record Election Post-Mortem
Jan. 20 Darrell Bricker, Ipsos-Reid Upcoming Federal Election