Sponsorship Today is an Investment in Tomorrow

‍The Public Affairs Association of Canada consists of over 250 members from all aspects of the public affairs sector. Together, we comprise a singular community with shared challenges and a shared desire for industry knowledge. That’s why it’s natural for us to share opportunities for shaping our future and developing tomorrow’s leaders. It is in this spirit of co-operative effort that PAAC offers its Sponsorship Program. This initiative is intended to bring together association members and representatives of sector affiliated companies in an atmosphere of professionalism, collective learning and fun. When we learn more about each other and work toward common goals, the whole sector becomes stronger.

The benefits of sponsorship are immediate and substantial. With three varying levels of involvement, all companies can participate. PAAC’s Sponsorship Program is designed specifically to help your company enhance its presence within the public affairs sector while simultaneously guiding the profession towards a mutually prosperous future. So when you invest, you receive a great deal in return—today and tomorrow.

PAAC board and committee members also believe you can place equal value on the intangible benefits: leadership development and strengthening the industry’s future. Your sponsorship dollars make it possible for the Association to continue its highly educational series of professional development meetings, which keep our members and industry stakeholders plugged in to the trends that affect our ever-changing sector. Your sponsorship dollars also make it possible to maintain the PAAC website, actively linking novice members, rising stars and seasoned pros alike to current events, relevant publications, continuing education and much more.

For more information about the varying levels of sponsorship, download the PAAC Sponsorship Brochure

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