Hershell Ezrin

Senior Counsel, Global Public Affairs & Managing Director, Tipping Point Solutions

Hershell Ezrin acts as Senior Counsel with Global’s Toronto practice. As current Managing Director of Tipping Point Solutions – a social media advocacy consultancy – he brings significant experience from both the private and public sectors. Prior to joining Global, Hershell served as the Founding CEO of the Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy, CEO of SMK Speedy Muffler, CEO of GPC International and held a senior public affairs role at Molson Companies Ltd. Hershell was a two-time chair of the Canadian German Chamber of Industry and Commerce and a former vice chair of the Public Policy Forum. In his early career as a public servant, he served as Canadian consul in New York City and Los Angeles, subsequently working as part of a Privy Council Office team under Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and as Executive Director of the Canadian Unity Information office under then Justice Minister Jean Chretien. In 1982, he left the federal government to work as chief of staff for the Ontario Liberal leader David Peterson in Opposition and became his Principal Secretary with the rank and status of Deputy Minister when Peterson became Premier. He is currently a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management where he has been reappointed for the 2014-15 school year. Hershell served as a two term past Chair of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and a former Board member of the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, Mount Sinai Hospital and the Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care. He also teaches government relations at Seneca College’s post graduate certificate program. Hershell was educated at the University of Toronto and Carleton University, earning Bachelors and Masters degrees in History.

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