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PAAC Advocacy News July 30, 2020

Recently, the PAAC Ontario Chapter met with Ontario Lobbying Commissioner David Wake. During the meeting, we discussed the Commissioner’s annual report and stressed the need for more clarity around gifts, political activity, relationships among other issues of interest that Ontario members have brought to our attention in regards to the latest Ontario Interpretation bulletin. PAAC is in the process of scheduling follow up conversations with the commissioner and other Office of the Integrity Commissioner Staff on the bulletin as well as to discuss other lobbying matters relevant to our association. The Ontario Chapter and Commissioner Wake have committed to also working together on sharing more information between his office and PAAC Ontario members, the exploration around accreditation for our industry, and having ongoing conversations about the upcoming review of the Ontario Lobbyist Registration Act (ORLA).

Additionally, we also recently met with Cristina DiCaprio, the City of Toronto Lobbying Commissioner where we discussed the need for more education and transparency around grassroots lobbying campaign and how grassroots lobbying campaigns have evolved as a result of COVID-19. We also discussed the initiatives that her office is planning for the Fall, including her 2020 Annual Report that will be published later this year. We will be scheduling a follow up discussion with her and her office in August around grassroots lobbying campaigns and how we can educate public affairs professionals on how to conduct these campaigns appropriately.

Alex Greco, PAAC Ontario Chapter President
July 30, 2020

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