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The Public Affairs Association of Canada is the leading forum for representing lobbyists’ concerns to all levels of government in Canada. We actively engage lobbyist regulators in discussion about the rules and regulations governing lobbyist registration and reporting requirements in Canada. The PAAC has presented to various government committee’s on proposed changes to lobbying law at the federal, provincial and municipal levels. In addition, the PAAC hosts conferences, conducts media interviews and submits opinion editorials all in an effort to position lobbying as a key and valuable component of the public policy process.

The Public Affairs Association is a premiere forum for interacting with those whose professional interests or responsibilities lie in the areas of issues management, government relations, trend analysis, policy development, strategic planning, audience or constituency relations – including public, media, labour and investor relations – and communications specialists in areas such as advertising and constituency marketing.

Professional Development
As government relations and policy development are the primary functions shared by most members, many sessions are devoted to current issues in this field. However, the Association recognizes that public affairs professionals are often involved in developing, coordinating or implementing broad external and internal communications programs. Our program also offers seminars and learning opportunities in these related areas.

PAAC Issues a Special Edition Newsletter following the Annual Conference. Our Membership Directory is an invaluable resource for networking.

PAAC hosts seminars, conferences and workshops monthly on a wide range of topics of interest to public affairs professionals. For example, we have workshops on media relations, social media and reputation management. Some of our guest speakers include: Senior Cabinet Minister’s, municipal councillors, leading public opinion researchers, social media experts, and key media from major urban dailies. We also have programs such as “Women in Public Affairs” that feature leading women public affairs professionals sharing insights into career development.